About Baz Reznik

Baz Reznik is one of the artists from The Hague producing and pushing its typical electro / techno sound mixed with disco and house. Releases can be found on labels like Syncom Data, Bunker Records, New York Haunted and his own DYFR records on vinyl, cd or even on tape and are played by numerous world wide . He plays a diverse set that he can adapts to the location with his worldwide experience in playing for different crowds and radiostations like Intergalactic Fm, Red Light RadioOperator Radio and Radio Nachtlab which can end up from jazz to arab house or from new wave to acid.

Notable performances

Techno - Acid - Electro - Disco

AUSTRALIA: Lounge (Melbourne)
CHINA: Demo Bar (Yangshuo)
GERMANY: About: Blank (Berlin) – Griessmuehle (Berlin)
HONDURAS: Treetanic (Utila)
NETHERLANDS: Trouw (Amsterdam) – Melkweg (Amsterdam) – De Marktkantine (Amsterdam) – Boom Chicago (Amsterdam) – Doornroosje (Nijmegen) – 8bahn Festival (Ede) – Todaysart (The Hague)
PANAMA: Barracuda (Bocas del Toro)
PERU: Jam Box (Lima)
POLAND: Na Lato (Warsaw)
ROMANIA: Bicicleta (Sibiu)
RUSSIA: Stackenschneider (St Petersburg)
UK: La Cheeta (Glasgow), The Lizard (Cornwall)

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